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Mom! Hurry!
FrenchMaman, dépêche-toi !
GermanMama, beeil dich!
Dad told me to help you, Mom.
When will we eat dinner, Mom?
PolishKiedy zjemy kolację, matko?
Mommy, may I go swimming?
FrenchPuis-je aller nager, mère ?
GermanMutter, kann ich schwimmen gehen?
I'm home, Mom!
FrenchJe suis rentré, Maman !
Can I go on a date with Ken, Mom?
Mother, I'm sorry for causing you trouble all the time.
FrenchMère, désolé de vous causer constamment des soucis.
GermanMutter, es tut mir leid, dass ich dir immer zur Last falle.
I smell something burning, Mother.
GermanMutter, da riecht etwas angebrannt.
Mom, add a little more salt to the soup.
PolishMamo, posól trochę zupę.
SpanishMamá, ponle un poco más de sal a la sopa.
GermanMama, gib in die Suppe bitte noch etwas Salz.
"Hello, Mum. Is that you?", she says.
Mum, the rice crackers have gone soft and they don't taste good anymore.
"Come home early, Guillaume." "Yes, mother."
French«Rentre de bonne heure, Guillaume.» «Oui, Mère.»
"Oh, mother," said the housewife, breaking into bitter tears.
Spanish"¡Pero mamá!" dijo la esposa derramando lágrimas de tristeza.
Mother, having thought about it carefully, I don't feel I should marry him.
Where is mother?
How's your mother?
FrenchComment va ta mère ?
I love my mother.
Is your mother at home?
Spanish¿Está tu madre en casa?
GermanIst deine Mutter zu Hause?
Is Mother scolding the horse?
PolishCzy matka krzyczy na konia?
My mother is beautiful.
FrenchMa mère est belle.
PolishMoja mama jest piękna.
My mother is well off.
You look just like your mother.
Is she your mother?
Spanish¿Ella es tu madre?
GermanIst das deine Mutter?
Meg looks just like her mother.
Where is your mother, boy?
SpanishNene, ¿y tu mamá?
GermanJunge, wo ist deine Mutter?

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