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I take care of my grandfather.
FrenchJe m'occupe de mon grand-père.
GermanIch kümmere mich um meinen Großvater.
My grandfather speaks very slowly.
PolishDziadek mówi bardzo wolno.
GermanGroßvater spricht sehr langsam.
Grandfather is quite senile.
GermanGroßvater ist ziemlich altersschwach.
How old is your grandfather?
FrenchQuel âge a ton grand-père ?
GermanWie alt ist dein Großvater?
Spanish¿Cuántos años tiene tu abuelo?
How old might his grandfather be?
My grandfather is a bit hard of hearing.
GermanMein Opa hört ein bisschen schlecht.
She was brought up by her grandfather.
PolishWychowała ją babcia.
ItalianLei è stata cresciuta da suo nonno.
SpanishElla fue criada por su abuelo.
My grandfather is five times as old as I am.
His grandfather bought him the expensive toy.
Last night, his grandfather passed away in the hospital.
Grandfather sat in his habitual place near the fire.
Bob met her grandfather early in the morning.
His grandfather is what is called a self-made man.
The old man named the wooden doll Pinocchio.
He carried his grandfather on his back.
RussianОн шел, неся старика на спине.
My grandfather goes for walks on days when the weather is good.
Long, long ago, there lived an old man and his wife.
FrenchIl y a très très longtemps vivaient un vieil homme et sa femme.
His grandfather died of cancer a year ago.
FrenchSon grand-père est mort d'un cancer il y a un an.
GermanSein Großvater ist vor einem Jahr an Krebs gestorben.
SpanishSu abuelo murió de cáncer hace un año.
PolishJego dziadek zmarł rok temu na raka.
Once upon a time, there was an old man in this village.
PolishDawno, dawno temu, we wsi żył pewien staruszek.
Bob went to meet her grandfather early in the morning.
PolishBob wcześnie rano poszła na spotkanie z dziadkiem.
I've never been to my grandfather's house.
He told me that his grandfather is over ninety.
My grandfather has never consulted a doctor in his life.
His grandfather went off the deep end about five years ago.
It made Grandfather's day when his granddaughter gave him a picture she had drawn of him.

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