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Do you have any money?
I want money.
FrenchJe veux de l'argent.
I have some money.
I have some money.
Justice is expensive.
GermanGerechtigkeit ist teuer.
SpanishLa justicia es cara.
FrenchLa justice coûte cher.
ItalianI processi sono cari.
Is money needed?
Spanish¿Necesitas dinero?
ItalianHai bisogno di soldi?
I need money.
RussianЯ нуждаюсь в деньгах.
Money is not everything.
Don't forget your money.
SpanishNo olvides tu dinero.
Do you have any money?
Do you want money?
FrenchVeux-tu de l'argent ?
Is this Canadian money?
I'm short of money.
GermanIch bin knapp bei Kasse.
PolishBrak mi pieniędzy.
I want some money.
FrenchJe veux un peu d'argent.
I have no money on me.
FrenchJe n’ai pas de monnaie sur moi.
Money will do anything.
FrenchL'argent n'y fera rien.
Give me a little money.
FrenchDonnez-moi un peu d'argent.
She gave money.
Money answers all things.
FrenchL'argent répond à tout.
There is little money left.
I am short of money.
I want a little money.
FrenchJe veux un peu d'argent.
Money counts for little.
Carl, you're obsessed with money.
My money was stolen.
SpanishMi dinero fue robado.

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