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Don't lose heart!
SpanishNo te decepciones.
He was disappointed.
GermanEr war enttäuscht.
Tom disappointed me.
SpanishTom me desilusionó.
GermanTom enttäuschte mich.
I am disappointed at the news.
FrenchJe suis déçu par les nouvelles.
I was a little disappointed.
RussianЯ был немного расстроен.
PolishByłem nieco zawiedziony.
I was mildly disappointed.
I was disappointed in my son.
GermanIch war von meinem Sohn enttäuscht.
His new movie is disappointing.
I was disappointed with the result.
FrenchJ'ai été déçu du résultat.
Education in this world disappoints me.
GermanDie Ausbildung in dieser Welt enttäuscht mich.
SpanishLa educación en este mundo me decepciona.
FrenchL'éducation dans ce monde me déçoit.
It seems the teacher was disappointed.
Tom was disappointed in Mary's performance.
He was disappointed about the result.
SpanishÉl estaba decepcionado por el resultado.
GermanEr war vom Ergebnis enttäuscht.
Don't disappoint me.
SpanishNo me desilusiones.
RussianНе разочаруй меня.
GermanEnttäuscht mich nicht.
I'm disappointed that he's not here.
FrenchJe suis déçu qu'il ne soit pas là.
GermanIch bin enttäuscht, dass er nicht hier ist.
SpanishEstoy decepcionado de que él no esté aquí.
I was disappointed with those results.
I was disappointed with your paper.
I found it something of a disappointment.
I am disappointed in my son.
PolishJestem rozczarowany moim synem.
I was disappointed at your absence.
She came home disappointed.
FrenchElle est rentrée déprimée à la maison.
SpanishElla regresó decepcionada.
I am disappointed that my friend is not here.
SpanishEstoy decepcionado de que mis amigos no estén aquí.
GermanIch bin enttäuscht, dass meine Freunde nicht hier sind.
I was more than a little disappointed.
He was discouraged to hear that.
He was disappointed at not being invited.

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