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I can only wait.
SpanishSólo puedo esperar.
FrenchJe ne peux qu'attendre.
RussianЯ могу только ждать.
GermanIch kann nur warten.
It's now or never.
FrenchC'est maintenant ou jamais.
SpanishEs ahora o nunca.
GermanJetzt oder nie!
ItalianAdesso o mai più.
Deer are good game.
I have little money.
FrenchJ'ai peu d'argent.
There is nothing to do but apologize.
FrenchIl n'y a rien d'autre à faire que de présenter ses excuses.
Seeing is believing.
He scolded her.
SpanishÉl le regañó a ella.
I have few friends.
She eats nothing but vegetables.
FrenchElle ne mange que des légumes.
PolishOna je tylko warzywa.
The deer ran for its life.
PolishJeleń uciekał na łeb na szyję.
I don't know for certain.
There are a lot of deer in Nara.
ItalianA Nara ci sono molti cervi!
FrenchÀ Nara il y a beaucoup de cerfs !
Spanish¡En Nara hay montones de ciervos!
He is nothing but a fool.
He thinks only of making money.
SpanishÉl no piensa más que en ganar dinero.
We have only a small garden.
PolishMamy tylko mały ogródek.
SpanishEn casa solo tenemos un pequeño jardín.
He eats nothing other than fruit.
FrenchIl ne mange rien d'autre que des fruits.
PolishOn je wyłącznie owoce.
He is hardly more than a lad.
Giant pandas live only in China.
FrenchLes grands pandas vivent seulement en Chine.
He is a dentist by profession.
I study very little.
This is all I know.
FrenchJe sais seulement cela.
PolishTo wszystko, co wiem.
SpanishNo sé más que eso.
I can speak a little English.
FrenchJe parle un peu anglais.
I have only a small garden.
FrenchJ'ai seulement un petit jardin.
I slept only two hours.
She has little knowledge of science.

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