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He is kindness itself.
FrenchIl est la gentillesse même.
He is honesty itself.
FrenchIl est l'honnêteté personnifiée.
She is kindness itself.
FrenchElle est la gentillesse même.
He is the soul of honor.
PolishTen człowiek to wcielona godność.
He is all curiosity.
He is the epitome of goodness.
SpanishÉl es la bondad hecha persona.
PolishOn jest wcieloną dobrocią.
Knowledge is not an end in itself.
The task was total agony.
SpanishEsa tarea era agonía pura.
His story was simplicity itself.
FrenchSon histoire était la simplicité même.
Mere decay produces richer life.
That kid is a little bundle of energy.
He was kindness itself to them.
FrenchIl était la gentillesse incarnée avec eux.
His story was simplicity itself.
He was looking for this very thing.
This world is but canvas to our imaginations.
PolishŚwiat jest tylko tłem dla naszej wyobraźni.
The frame itself is worth more than the picture.
SpanishEl marco mismo vale más que la pintura.
I was very surprised at the huge fish.
FrenchJe fus très surpris par cet énorme poisson.
Life has been so flat since I came here.
Agony in the era of machinery is not attributed to machinery itself.
The way he talks and acts, you can tell he's a redneck.
I found the very thing you had been looking for.
PolishZnalazłem dokładnie to, czego szukałeś.
He is a politician, if ever there was one.
The view of Mars through earthly telescopes suggested that all was serene.
I work not so much for money as for the work itself.
He was in dead earnest when he threatened to call the police.

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