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Tom wants to get a part-time job.
I'm looking for a part-time job.
FrenchJe cherche un travail à mi-temps.
I know you're working part-time.
FrenchJe sais que vous travaillez à temps partiel.
You must be the temporary we asked for.
Muriel is making a poor living from her part-time job.
He was forced to work part-time to study abroad.
I've run up against all kinds of people, working as a temporary.
Does she come from the agency that sent the last temporary I had?
FrenchEst-ce qu'elle vient de la même agence qui m'a envoyé le dernier intermittent que j'ai eu ?
We're in a slump, barely scraping by, so we certainly don't have the margin to take on a part-time worker.
FrenchNous sommes dans le creux des affaires, on s'en sort à peine, c'est pourquoi nous n'avons pas la possibilité de prendre un temps partiel.
I pay my university fees to go to university by part-time work. Well, I'm a 'working student' I suppose.
I like this job, but I'd prefer not to call my boss over in a loud voice whenever something bad happens. I'm partial to elegance.


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