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It was fine all day.
FrenchIl a fait beau toute la journée.
GermanEs war den ganzen Tag schönes Wetter.
It rained hard all day.
FrenchIl a plu beaucoup toute la journée.
He slept all day.
FrenchIl a dormi toute la journée.
GermanEr hat den ganzen Tag geschlafen.
SpanishDurmió todo el día.
I was busy all day.
FrenchJ'ai été occupé toute la journée.
I'll be free all day tomorrow.
FrenchJe suis libre toute la journée de demain.
I stayed home all day.
It rained all day yesterday.
FrenchIl a plu toute la journée d'hier.
PolishWczoraj cały dzień padało.
It rained gently the whole day.
He played tennis all day long.
FrenchIl a joué au tennis toute la journée.
The rain continued all day.
She indulges in tennis all the day.
It kept snowing all day.
FrenchIl a continué à neiger toute la journée.
The teachers teach all day long.
FrenchLes professeurs enseignent toute la journée.
The wind blew all day.
It has kept raining all day.
It rained continuously all day.
PolishLało cały dzień.
Kate listened to the radio all day.
I watch television all day long.
FrenchJe regarde la télévision tout au long de la journée.
GermanIch sehe den ganzen Tag lang fern.
I'm busy all day keeping house.
FrenchLes tâches ménagères me prennent toute la journée.
I plan to stay at home all day tomorrow.
I was out all day.
FrenchJ'étais dehors toute la journée.
GermanIch war einen ganzen Tag außer Haus.
He worked all day yesterday.
FrenchIl a travaillé toute la journée d'hier.
The door remained closed all day.
You can't stay in here all day.
She played tennis all day yesterday.
FrenchElle a joué au tennis toute la journée d'hier.

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