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That company is, in effect, bankrupt.
GermanDiese Firma ist in Wirklichkeit bankrott.
A scientist had to know how to ask the correct question and to state it so clearly that the answer would be, in effect, a definite yes or no, not "maybe".
His reply was in effect a refusal.
FrenchSa réponse était en effet un refus.
GermanSeine Antwort war in Wirklichkeit eine Absage.
PolishJego odpowiedź sprowadzała się do odmowy.
In this case, translation is, in effect, impossible.
PolishW tej sytuacji tłumaczenie jest w sumie niemożliwe.
FrenchDans ce cas-là, une traduction est en effet impossible.
He is the president of the company in fact.
FrenchIl est en fait le président de la société.
His silence was a practical admission of guilt.
PolishJego milczenie było w istocie przyznaniem się do winy.
He is the president of the company in fact, if not in name.
Being silent is regarded in effect as approval.
He has retired, but he is still an actual leader.
His claim is really the same as the one Benson proposed in Entrepreneurs.
Far from refuting the thesis that race is to blame for lower IQ score, Lynn's data actually supports it.
FrenchLoin de réfuter la thèse selon laquelle la race est responsable d'un QI plus faible, les données de Lynn ne font que l'appuyer.
ItalianLungi dal confutare la tesi che un basso quoziente IQ sia da imputare alla razza, i dati di Lynn in effetti la supportano.
Deposed in a military coup in September 2006 and having effectively been in exile, the Former premier of Thailand Thaksin has returned after about a year and a half.


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