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She has a magnetic personality.
His true character is starting to show through.
A man is known by the company he keeps.
A man may be known by the company he keeps.
SpanishDime con quién andas y te diré quién eres.
He is a frank person and easy to talk to.
PolishJest otwartym człowiekiem, dobrze się z nim rozmawia.
What you are is more important than what you have.
Her warm personality adds charm to her beauty.
She is not what she used to be ten years ago.
Mary has as attractive a personality as her sister.
I make a point of judging a man by his personality.
PolishStaram się osądzać ludzi po ich osobowości.
It's not until you have met him that you really understand a man.
You do not really understand a man till you have met him.
I love him for what he is, not what he has.
True wealth does not consist of what we have, but in what we are.
A man's worth lies in what he is rather than in what he has.
A man's worth lies not so much in what he has as in what he is.
FrenchUn homme ne ment pas pire sur ce qu'il possède que sur lui-même.
A man's worth lies in what he is, not in what he has.
A man's worth lies not in what he has but in what he is.
She loves him for what he is, not for what he has.
A man's worth depends on what he is, and not what he has.


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