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Do something!
FrenchFais quelque chose !
RussianСделай что-нибудь!
I managed to get in.
FrenchJ'ai réussi à entrer.
ItalianSono riuscito a entrare.
PolishUdało mi się wejść.
I hope you can do something to help me out.
PolishDa się z tym coś zrobić?
It will soon come out all right.
PolishWkrótce się ułoży.
Please do something about it.
SpanishPor favor, haz algo al respecto.
We have barely enough bread for breakfast.
Get off your butt and do something!
He managed to escape.
FrenchIl a réussi à s'échapper.
We made it out of there.
PolishUdało nam się wyjść tamtędy.
He managed to run the machine.
PolishJakoś zdołałem uruchomić to urządzenie.
I managed to finish the work.
FrenchJ'ai réussi à finir le travail.
SpanishLogré terminar el trabajo.
Can't you do something to help me?
I think I can handle it.
John kept his head above water.
SpanishJohn se las iba apañando.
He managed to pass the examination.
FrenchIl a réussi à avoir son examen.
He managed to be on time for class.
FrenchIl réussit à être à l'heure pour le cours.
PolishJakoś zdążył na zajęcia.
You managed it after all.
PolishA jednak jakoś dałeś radę.
I somehow got a passing grade in mathematics.
I'll fix it up with him.
Tom decided to take matters into his own hands.
He managed to get himself promoted last week.
We have just gotten to first base.
Let's try to arrange something.
Tom is going to do something about it.
SpanishTom tratará de hacer algo sobre ese asunto.
I managed to get out of the crowd.

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