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You have three cats.
Both dogs are asleep.
SpanishLos dos perros duermen.
A fox came along.
FrenchUn renard arriva.
SpanishUn zorro se acercó.
He caught three fish.
ItalianLui ha pescato tre pesci.
PolishZłowił trzy ryby.
Ken keeps two cats.
He has two cats.
I saw a dog.
FrenchJ'ai vu un chien.
I have three dogs.
PolishMam trzy psy.
I keep a dog.
FrenchJ'élève un chien.
He keeps two cats.
SpanishÉl tiene dos gatos.
FrenchIl a deux chats.
He has two dogs.
FrenchIl a deux chiens.
SpanishÉl tiene dos perros.
I have a dog.
FrenchJ'ai un chien.
I have thirteen cats.
I caught three fish yesterday.
FrenchJ'ai pris trois poissons hier.
You have four dogs.
How many cats are there in this house?
Spanish¿Cuántos gatos hay en esta casa?
A cat ran across the street.
FrenchUn chat traversa la rue.
GermanEine Katze überquerte die Straße.
We keep two goats.
PolishTrzymamy dwie kozy.
I have 13 cats.
I caught five fish yesterday.
Up jumped the three big dogs.
He caught some twenty butterflies.
FrenchIl a attrapé vingt papillons.
PolishZłapał jakieś 20 motyli.
My father caught three fish yesterday.
FrenchMon père a attrapé trois poissons hier.
SpanishMi padre atrapó tres peces ayer.
PolishOjciec złowił wczoraj trzy ryby.
I came across a dog while returning home.
FrenchEn rentrant chez moi, je suis tombé sur un chien.
Two sheep were killed by a wolf.

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