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We have two television sets.
This is the operator.
Two trucks bumped together.
You should compare the two motorcycles.
I have two cars.
FrenchJ'ai deux voitures.
I have three cameras.
GermanIch besitze 3 Kameras.
SpanishYo tengo tres cámaras.
Set a diamond in a platinum mounting.
Get yourself astride the balance beam.
GermanSteige auf den Schwebebalken.
How many cars does Alex have?
FrenchCombien de voitures a Alex ?
GermanWie viele Autos besitzt Alex?
PolishIle samochodów ma Alex?
Spanish¿Cuántos autos tiene Alex?
Not even one taxi stopped.
PolishNie zatrzymała się ani jedna taksówka.
How many cars do you have?
FrenchCombien avez-vous de voitures ?
There are nine million bicycles in Beijing.
FrenchIl y a neuf millions de vélos à Pékin.
Quite a few people have two cars.
A car passed by in the dark.
The two vans telescoped together.
I must buy one.
FrenchJe dois en acheter un.
GermanIch muss einen kaufen.
The police checked up on each car.
GermanDer Polizist kontrollierte jedes Auto einzeln.
This dresser takes up too much room.
He used me as a guinea pig.
A car passed by at top speed.
A car stopped at the entrance.
FrenchUne voiture s'arrêta à l'entrée
PolishSamochód zatrzymał się przy wejściu.
Few people have two cars.
The actress murdered her lines.
Not a few people have two cars.
There's a red candle on top of the bathroom sink.

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