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Whose side are you?
Spanish¿Del lado de quién estás?
I take sides with him.
SpanishEstoy con él.
I'm on your side.
SpanishEstoy de tu lado.
They all stood for MRA.
I side with a weaker party.
SpanishSoy aliado de los débiles.
Fortune favors the bold.
FrenchLa chance sourit aux audacieux.
He is no friend of mine.
SpanishÉl no es amigo mío.
I am on the side of democracy.
FrenchJe suis dans le camp de la démocratie.
SpanishYo soy partidario de la democracia.
They are not enemies, but friends.
SpanishEllos no son enemigos sino aliados.
She is a friend of the poor.
SpanishElla es amiga de los pobres.
She always sides with the weak.
I regarded Tom as a friend.
FrenchJe considère Tom comme un ami.
RussianЯ считал Тома другом.
He is always on the side of me.
SpanishÉl siempre se pone de mi lado.
He always takes sides with her.
FrenchIl se range toujours de son côté.
PolishOn zawsze staje po jej stronie.
SpanishÉl siempre se pone del lado de ella.
Lady Luck favors the adventuresome.
PolishPani Fortuna sprzyja śmiałym.
SpanishLa diosa de la suerte está del lado de los aventureros.
I will make a friend of him.
PolishPozyskam go dla siebie.
He is what is called a champion of justice.
I took his side in the argument.
He was always on the people's side.
SpanishÉl siempre estaba del lado del pueblo.
We sided with him in the controversy.
He tends to take sides with the weaker party.
SpanishÉl tiende a estar del lado del grupo más débil.
PolishOn zwykle bierze stronę słabszej grupy.
I'll stand by you whatever happens.
FrenchQuoi qu'il advienne, je te soutiendrai.
GermanIch stehe immer hinter dir, egal, was auch passiert.
We will stand by you whatever happens.
I will side with you just this once.
SpanishSeré tu aliado sólo por esta vez.
He and I were in the same camp then.

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