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This coffee shop is cozy.
Mother has a coffee shop.
there is a coffee shop over there.
I had a cup of coffee at the cafe.
Let's drop in at that coffee lounge.
That cafe has a pretty good breakfast special.
We ate lunch in a coffee lounge.
I had a cup of coffee at the cafe.
We ate lunch in a coffee lounge.
There used to be a coffee shop near the school.
We would often have a chat in this coffee shop.
It is usually at the coffee shop that I meet him.
We three sisters opened a coffee shop.
GermanWir drei Schwestern eröffneten ein Cafe.
I met her in a coffee shop near the station.
Turning to the left, you will find a coffee shop.
FrenchTournez à gauche, et vous trouverez le café.
SpanishSi gira a la izquierda encontrará una cafetería.
This is the coffee shop I first met my wife in.
We had a good time at a coffee shop.
We had a quick lunch at a cafe.
GermanWir nahmen im Cafe ein schnelles Mittagessen zu uns.
Let's drink some coffee or something at that coffee shop over there.
PolishNapijmy się kawy w tamtej kawiarni.
I drank a very hot double espresso at the coffee shop this morning.
SpanishEsta mañana me tomé un doble expreso muy caliente en la cafetería.
I saw them leave the coffee shop downstairs.
We ate a quick lunch in a coffee lounge.
I had a cup of coffee at the coffee shop.
FrenchJ'ai bu une tasse de café au bistrot.
PolishWypiłem kawę w kawiarni.
We ate a quick lunch in a coffee lounge.
The retro feel of this cafe is a hit with young people.

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