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I have three years left until retirement.
At our company, the retirement age is 60.
FrenchDans notre entreprise, la retraite est à 60 ans.
His life after retirement was unhappy.
PolishJego życie na emeryturze nie było szczęśliwe.
Such a judge should retire from his job before retirement age.
FrenchUn juge pareil devrait quitter son travail avant l'âge de la retraite.
He served without any serious errors until he reached retirement age.
He retired from the company at the age of 60.
By the time my father retires, he will have worked for almost thirty years.
FrenchAu moment où il prendra sa retraite mon père aura travaillé presque trente ans.
The stock market crash forced many retirees back into the job market.
When I reach retirement age in 1998, I will have worked for the college for thirty years.


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