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Don't you think you are a little too pushy?
There is some wind.
FrenchIl y a un peu de vent.
It is a little cold.
FrenchIl fait un peu froid.
Frank eats some cheese.
ItalianFrank mangia un po' di formaggio.
Maybe just a short one.
I want to sleep.
SpanishQuiero dormir un poco.
I have a small fever.
GermanIch habe ein wenig Fieber.
PolishMam lekką gorączkę.
ItalianHo un po' di febbre.
SpanishTengo un poco de fiebre.
Is there any hope whatsoever?
I have a little money.
SpanishTengo un poco de dinero.
I have a few friends.
FrenchJ'ai quelques amis.
PolishMam trochę przyjaciół.
Give me a few.
FrenchDonne-m'en quelques-uns.
GermanGib mir ein paar.
The radio is a bit loud.
This juice tastes sour.
I have some shopping to do.
I want some cake.
FrenchJe veux un peu de gâteau.
Here's some water.
SpanishAquí tienes un poco de agua.
There is no water.
You know some Japanese.
I have little money.
FrenchJ'ai peu d'argent.
Give me a little money.
FrenchDonnez-moi un peu d'argent.
Please give me some water.
SpanishUn poco de agua, por favor.
Give me just a little.
FrenchDonnez-m'en juste un peu.
GermanBitte nur ein bisschen.
I have a slight fever.
It's a little cold today.
ItalianOggi c'è un po' di freddo.
He drank a little.
GermanEr hat ein bisschen getrunken.

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