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My brother must be sick.
I live with my mother, brother and my grandparents.
It belongs to my brother.
FrenchC'est celui de mon frère.
My brother did.
FrenchMon frère l'a fait.
And so does my brother.
John is my younger brother.
He's my younger brother.
SpanishÉl es mi hermano menor.
My younger brother watches TV.
FrenchMon frère regarde la télévision.
SpanishMi hermanito ve la televisión.
Leave him alone.
FrenchLaissez-le seul.
My kid brother is twelve.
He looks like your brother.
My little brother can read English.
My brother has a gift for painting.
SpanishMi hermano menor está dotado para la pintura.
My brother is a high school student.
SpanishMi hermano pequeño es alumno en la escuela secundaria.
My brother has a good memory.
SpanishMi hermano tiene buena memoria.
My brother is still sleeping.
FrenchMon frère dort toujours.
SpanishMi hermano menor aún duerme.
My brother's health has been delicate.
My brother is small but strong.
He knocked his brother about.
PolishPomiatal młodszym bratem.
My brother will often sit up all night.
PolishMój brat często siedzi do późna w nocy.
My brother doesn't swim.
Uncle Tom is my mother's brother.
GermanOnkel Tom ist der Bruder meiner Mutter.
PolishWuj Tom jest młodszym bratem mamy.
SpanishEl tío Tom es el hermano de mi madre.
RussianДядя Том — брат моей матери.
My younger brother is watching TV.
GermanMein kleiner Bruder sieht fern.
SpanishMi hermano pequeño está viendo la tele.
FrenchMon petit frère regarde la télé.
PolishMój brat ogląda telewizję.
My brother is at his desk.
FrenchMon frère est à son bureau.
She embraced her brother warmly.

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