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Dogs are faithful.
All dogs are faithful.
FrenchTous les chiens sont fidèles.
GermanAlle Hunde sind treu.
He is loyal to his boss.
They are loyal to their master.
ItalianSono fedeli al loro padrone.
Dogs are faithful animals.
FrenchLe chien est un animal fidèle.
GermanHunde sind treue Tiere.
PolishPsy są wiernymi zwierzętami.
He is sincere in his promises.
SpanishÉl es sincero en sus promesas.
He remained steadfast to his principles.
FrenchIl est resté fidèle à ses principes.
PolishOn jest niezmiennie wierny swoim zasadom.
GermanEr ist seinen Prinzipien treu geblieben.
SpanishEl se mantuvo fiel a sus principios.
He remains loyal to his principles.
She doesn't have a lazy bone in her body.
His translation is close to the original.
SpanishSu traducción es fiel al original.
He performed his duties faithfully.
He is always true to his friends.
He faithfully discharged his duty.
The translation is true to the original.
He remained faithful to the last.
Dogs' faithfulness impresses us.
The dog is a faithful animal.
You should be true to your friends.
You must be faithful to your word.
One ought to be true to oneself.
He carried out the scheme faithfully.
SpanishÉl llevó a cabo el plan de forma expeditiva.
We must be loyal to our principles.
The translation is quite true to the original.
The translation is quite true to the original.
Above all, be true to yourself.

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