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His hard work bore fruit.
PolishJego ciężka praca przyniosła owoce.
His persistent efforts resulted in failure.
PolishCały jego trud poszedł na marne.
SpanishSus persistentes esfuerzos cayeron en el fracaso.
He was very anxious to please.
She was busy doing her hair.
PolishByła zajęta układaniem sobie włosów.
He works hard all the year round.
He worked hard only to fail.
The girl tried hard to hold back her tears.
He made a hard run of the presidency.
It would be good for you to study eagerly.
They worked hard from morning till night.
He made a dash for the bus.
I worked hard all day long yesterday.
We worked hard so as to increase our sales.
I prepared for the game by training hard.
FrenchJe me suis préparé pour le jeu en m'entraînant intensivement.
George encouraged Ellie to study hard again.
He has been intent on learning French.
PolishIntensywnie uczył się francuskiego.
They worked hard for the sake of their children.
He worked hard at the risk of his health.
She worked hard so as to pass the test.
She tried hard to clear her mind of doubts.
In order to buy a foreign car, he worked very hard.
They tried very hard to gain an advantage over one another.
I worked hard in order to support my family.
He is working hard to support his family.
He works hard because he is anxious to succeed.
GermanDa er sich von ganzem Herzen den Erfolg wünscht, arbeitet er fleißig.

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