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Smash out a clean hit.
Tom hit a triple.
Maja Keuc is a good singer.
He turned over in bed.
GermanEr wechselte im Schlaf die Seite.
He is impossible to beat.
PolishOn jest nie do pobicia.
Her job is to type.
FrenchSon travail est de taper à la machine.
GermanIhre Arbeit ist es, zu tippen.
Cookie turned over in his sleep.
I have a strong backhand.
FrenchJ'ai un bon revers.
Are you able to type?
FrenchSavez-vous taper à la machine ?
GermanKannst du mit der Schreibmaschine schreiben?
He was heartbroken.
Tom hit a triple.
The clock struck half past 12.
Don't hit me so hard.
Playing go is my favorite pastime.
FrenchMon passe-temps favori est le jeu de go.
GermanMein liebster Zeitvertreib ist Go spielen.
PolishGra w go to moja ulubiona rozrywka.
Strike while the iron is hot.
Tom bats 4th in our team.
His speech moved us.
His speech moved us.
PolishJego mowa wywarła wrażenie.
I clapped my hands.
FrenchJ'ai applaudi.
SpanishYo aplaudí.
Her heart was hammering.
He hit a ball with the bat.
FrenchFrappe la balle avec la batte.
Yuka types better than Alice.
He hit the ball with his racket.
FrenchIl frappa la balle avec sa raquette.
SpanishLe pegó a la pelota con su raqueta.
The clock struck ten.
I barely missed being struck.

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