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Change the flag, please.
The flag is up.
He put up a flag.
GermanEr hisste die Flagge.
Keep sight of the flag.
They waved flags all together.
He moved the flags up and down.
A tattered flag which continues to flutter in the wind.
FrenchUn drapeau en lambeaux qui continue de flotter au vent.
Everybody started waving his flag.
The streets were decorated with flags.
GermanDie Straßen waren mit Fahnen geschmückt.
We put up the flags on national holidays.
He held the flag erect.
On that day, Japanese flags were flying.
Ned held the flag erect.
A red and white flag was flying in the wind.
GermanDie rot-weiße Flagge flatterte im Wind.
They waved flags to welcome the princess.
Flags had been hoisted on the eaves of houses.
GermanDie Häuserfronten waren mit Fahnen behangen.
Jim was sewing loops on a flag this morning.
They hung out the flag for the Queen's visit.
GermanDa die Königin kam, hissten sie die Flagge.
The flag of his fatherland brought tears to his eyes.
There was a flag at the top of the pole.
The street was flagged to welcome the president.
What color is the far right ring on the Olympic flag?
GermanWelche Farbe hat der äußerste rechte Ring auf der Olympischen Flagge?
Each team carried their flag into the stadium for the finals.
SpanishPara la final, cada equipo trajo su bandera al estadio.
We waved flags to welcome members of our baseball team.
Let's remember that it was a man from this state who first carried the banner of the Republican Party to the White House, a party founded on the values of self-reliance and individual liberty and national unity.

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