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I need one month to make a permanent bridge for you.
He left Africa forever.
GermanEr verließ Afrika für immer.
FrenchIl a quitté l'Afrique pour toujours.
Chaplin left America for good.
SpanishChaplin dejó Norteamérica para siempre.
PolishChaplin opuścił USA na zawsze.
I want to live forever.
FrenchJe veux vivre pour toujours.
Everybody wants permanent peace.
FrenchTout le monde veut une paix durable.
SpanishTodos desean la paz eterna.
And history was changed forever.
FrenchEt l'histoire fut changée pour toujours.
He left Japan for good.
FrenchIl a quitté le Japon pour de bon.
GermanEr verließ Japan für immer.
I will remember your kindness for good.
I'll never forget this incident.
GermanIch werde diesen Vorfall niemals vergessen.
The door was closed for good.
I'll never forget your kindness.
FrenchJe n'oublierai jamais ta gentillesse.
Has Jane left Japan for good?
He said good-bye for good.
FrenchIl a dit au revoir pour de bon.
Man cannot live forever.
SpanishLa gente no puede vivir eternamente.
He says he is leaving the country for good.
Has Bob left the company for good this time?
GermanHat Bob die Firma diesmal endgültig verlassen?
He will leave here for good.
Fossil fuels won't be available forever.
He had returned to England forever.
PolishWrócił do Anglii na zawsze.
Permanent peace is nothing but an illusion.
Have you given up smoking for good and all?
FrenchAvez-vous arrêté la cigarette une fois pour toutes ?
I'll never forget how kind you have been.
I have given up smoking for good and all.
He has gone back to California for good.
I've had my hair removed permanently, so my skin is smooth.
PolishUsunąłem trwale owłosienie, więc moja skóra jest gładka.

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