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This is an ancient law.
Murder is against the law.
FrenchLe meurtre est contre la loi.
The objective of law is justice.
FrenchLe but des lois est la justice.
He broke the law.
PolishNaruszył prawo.
There's no cure for baldness.
SpanishLa calvicie no tiene cura.
Everybody is equal before the law.
GermanVor dem Gesetz sind alle gleich.
SpanishTodos son iguales ante la ley.
It is our duty to obey the law.
This is the way he learned English.
The law should not be violated.
PolishNie wolno łamać prawa.
A new law has come into existence.
Commercial Code can be called an enterprise method.
We are bound to obey laws.
You are not to break the law.
All men are equal under the law.
FrenchTous les hommes sont égaux devant la loi.
Respect for law is fundamental to our society.
Those cities have uniform traffic laws.
You have to abide by the laws.
This English composition is far from perfect.
The law is not always fair.
We should always obey laws.
FrenchNous devons toujours obéir aux lois.
I am considering how to settle the matter.
There is no cure for the common cold.
SpanishNo hay cura para el resfrío común.
We are equal in the eyes of the law.
PolishJesteśmy równi wobec prawa.
People who break the law are punished.
What kind of treatment will I get?

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