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Foxes are wild animals.
FrenchLe renard est un animal sauvage.
PolishLis jest zwierzęciem dzikim.
They hunted foxes.
FrenchIls chassaient les renards.
They trapped the fox.
SpanishAtraparon al zorro con una trampa.
GermanSie fingen Füchse mit einer Falle.
The dog ran after a fox.
GermanDer Hund verfolgte den Fuchs.
A fox came along.
FrenchUn renard arriva.
SpanishUn zorro se acercó.
A fox was caught in the snare.
SpanishUn zorro cayó en la trampa.
They hunted deer and foxes.
SpanishCazaron ciervos y zorros.
The dog is after the fox.
He is a fox of a man.
That fox must have killed the hen.
Bob wanted to keep the fox at home.
PolishBob chciał trzymać w domu tego lisa.
The hounds are in pursuit of the fox.
I saw a fox run across the road just now.
Did you know that some foxes lived on this mountain?
FrenchSaviez-vous que quelques renards vivaient sur cette montagne ?
PolishWiedziałeś, że na tej górze mieszkają lisy?
We tried to trap the fox.
SpanishTratamos de ponerle una trampa al zorro.
The tail of a fox is longer than that of a rabbit.
The ears of a rabbit are longer than those of a fox.
The fox hid in the hollow tree.
RussianЛиса спряталась в дуплистом дереве.
We set a trap to catch a fox.
SpanishPusimos una trampa para capturar a un zorro.
There are two kinds of fox spirits: good fox and bad fox.
The hunting dogs followed the scent of the fox.
Did you notice that a fox family were running?
It is said that the fox is more cunning than any other animal.
GermanMan sagt, der Fuchs sei listiger als andere Tiere.
We found out recently that some foxes live here on this mountain.
PolishNiedawno okazało się, że w tych górach żyją lisy.

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