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I feel alive.
FrenchJe me sens vivant.
GermanIch fühle mich lebendig.
We eat fish raw.
Cabbage can be eaten raw.
PolishKapustę można jeść na surowo.
Death is the antithesis of life.
FrenchLa mort est l'antithèse de la vie.
GermanTod ist das absolute Gegenteil des Lebens.
A cat has nine lives.
FrenchUn chat a neuf vies.
GermanEine Katze hat neun Leben.
We often eat fish raw.
SpanishComemos pescado crudo a menudo.
She was a medical student.
He took a drink of whiskey neat.
We often eat fish raw in Japan.
I am a Japanese high school girl.
SpanishSoy una estudiante de bachillerato japonesa.
He doesn't eat raw fish.
PolishOn ryb na surowo nie je.
He doesn't eat raw fish.
FrenchIl ne mange pas de poisson cru.
PolishOn nie jada surowych ryb.
Life is hard, death is cheap.
RussianЖизнь прожить трудно, а умереть легко.
PolishŻycie jest ciężkie, a śmierć jest tania.
Can you eat raw oysters?
PolishJesz surowe ostrygi?
The concert was broadcast live.
GermanDas Konzert wurde live übertragen.
She is coy with everyone.
Have you ever eaten raw fish?
FrenchAvez-vous déjà mangé du poisson cru ?
Spanish¿Alguna vez has comido pescado crudo?
The boarders are now away on vacation.
Are there dogs that eat raw fish?
Tom knows that Mary doesn't like raw eggs.
SpanishTom sabe que a Mary no le gustan los huevos crudos.
FrenchTom sait que Mary n'aime pas les oeufs crus
To my surprise, they ate the meat raw.
Kiddo! Two medium-size drafts here.
RussianБратишка, два полутёмного пива сюда.
Shared studying among premeds is rare.
GermanEs kommt kaum vor, dass das Medizinstudenten einander beim lernen helfen.
Where do you put the garbage in this kitchen?
Raw fish is not to my taste.
FrenchLe poisson cru n'est pas à mon goût.

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