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He was confronted with some difficulties.
He is faced with a difficult problem.
I was confronted with many difficulties.
GermanIch wurde mit vielen Hindernissen konfrontiert.
We are confronted with a difficult situation.
PolishStanęliśmy wobec trudnej sytuacji.
They were confronted with many problems.
I'm facing that problem, myself.
GermanIch stehe vor diesem Problem.
PolishMam do czynienia z tym problemem.
I was confronted with many difficulties.
We are facing a violent crisis.
He is confronted by many difficulties.
GermanEr steht vielen Hindernissen gegenüber.
The state faces a financial crisis.
We are faced with many difficulties.
GermanWir stießen auf viele Schwierigkeiten.
They are faced with a multitude of stresses.
He was brought up against the realities of life.
You will be up against many difficulties.
White-collar workers face many difficulties.
I am confronted with a difficult problem.
FrenchJe suis confronté à un problème difficile.
We are faced with a difficult choice.
It is not always easy to face reality.
I am confronted with a great danger.
We face competition from foreign suppliers.
PolishMusimy konkurować z zagranicznymi firmami.
He was brave in the face of danger.
He shrank back in the face of danger.
FrenchIl recula face au danger.
He was calm in the presence of danger.
PolishZachował zimną krew w obliczu niebezpieczeństwa.
We are faced with a host of problems.
The question before us is an urgent one.

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