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Do you know him?
FrenchVous le connaissez ?
He has many acquaintances but few friends.
My business acquaintances know this number.
He quarrels with every person he knows.
PolishOn spiera się z każdym, kogo zna.
His acquaintance runs a grocery in the country.
PolishJego znajomy prowadzi sklep wielobranżowy na wsi.
An acquaintance of mine introduced me to his closest friends.
I caught sight of an old acquaintance in the middle of the crowd.
She had plenty of acquaintances, but no friends.
She had plenty of acquaintances, but no friends.
ItalianAveva molti conoscenti, ma nessun amico.
The more people you know, the less time you have to see them.
SpanishCuanta mas gente conocida tengo, precisamente menos tiempo tengo para verlos.
If my house were a mansion, I would invite everyone I know to my birthday party.
FrenchSi ma maison était un grand appartement, j'inviterais tous ceux que je connais à mon anniversaire.
I just got a great job because of an introduction from a friend. Sometimes things happen when you least expect it.


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