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I'm certain.
FrenchJe suis sûr.
Are you crazy?
FrenchEs-tu fou ?
I'm sure of it.
His information is certain.
GermanSeine Informationen sind korrekt.
Tom certainly is smart.
Can I take your word for it?
PolishCzy to pewne?
That's certainly one possibility.
GermanDas ist zweifellos eine Idee.
It is certain that he will come.
GermanEs ist sicher, dass er kommt.
George will come for sure.
I did see him.
FrenchJe l'ai vu.
PolishZ pewnością go spotkałem.
It is certain that prices will go up.
Tuesday was certainly cold.
ItalianMartedì è stato sicuramente freddo.
GermanAm Dienstag war es wirklich kalt.
He is a fool, and no mistake.
SpanishÉl es un tonto, sin duda.
That he will come is certain.
SpanishEstá claro que él vendrá aquí.
He did say so.
PolishZ pewnością tak powiedział.
I did write to him.
He is certain to win the game.
You can rely upon his being punctual.
Are you sure of your answer?
It is certain that he will come here.
SpanishEstá claro que él vendrá aquí.
That he will fail is certain.
It's certainly a waste of time.
FrenchC'est certainement une perte de temps.
The news confirmed my suspicions.
Surely he is a sharp boy.
FrenchC'est certainement un garçon intelligent.
That she was there is certain.
PolishTo, że ona tu była, to pewne.

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