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I'm hungry.
GermanIch bin hungrig.
Don't get angry.
He became irritated.
Necessity knows no law.
He got angry.
FrenchIl s'est fâché.
He has guts.
PolishMa jaja facet.
Taro gets angry quite quickly.
I fly into a rage easily.
FrenchIl se fâche facilement.
I resent his rude attitude.
He loses his temper quite easily.
PolishOn łatwo wpada w gniew.
Let's talk turkey.
FrenchParlons franchement !
I am terribly hungry.
FrenchJ'ai terriblement faim.
He rarely gets angry.
He is quick to take offense.
SpanishÉl se enfurece con rapidez.
RussianЕго легко разозлить.
George hit him in the stomach.
FrenchGeorge le frappa à l'estomac.
He is quick to take offense.
He took offence at her.
SpanishÉl se enfureció con ella.
I have to eat, too.
FrenchJe dois manger, aussi.
The belly is not filled with fair words.
It never pays to lose your temper.
It's natural that she should get angry.
Don't lose your temper.
FrenchNe perds pas ton sang-froid.
He is cross with his boss.
PolishOn wkurza swego szefa.
GermanEr ist wütend auf seinen Chef.
This makes me very angry.
SpanishEsto me enfurece.
GermanDas macht mich sehr wütend.
He was angry with his students.

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