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He comes from England.
I come from England.
FrenchJe viens d'Angleterre.
Japan and Britain are island countries.
Take England for example.
Day trips across the Channel.
PolishJednodniowa podróż tam i z powrotem przez kanał La Manche.
He crossed over to England.
FrenchIl a traversé vers l'Angleterre.
PolishPojechał do Anglii.
The weather changes very often in England.
I have a friend in England.
FrenchJ'ai un ami en Angleterre.
He seems to live in Britain.
FrenchIl semble qu'il vive en Angleterre.
PolishOn chyba mieszka w Wielkiej Brytanii.
It seems to me that he is from England.
I have a friend who lives in England.
FrenchJ'ai un ami qui habite en Angleterre.
They drive on the left in England.
PolishW Anglii jeździ się po lewej stronie.
He is not an English boy.
Aren't they Englishmen?
I prefer English cars to foreign ones.
FrenchJe préfère les voitures anglaises aux voitures étrangères.
PolishWolę angielskie samochody od zagranicznych.
I visited many parts of England.
PolishZwiedziłem różne części Anglii.
Britain established many colonies.
She has a distinct English accent.
FrenchElle a un accent anglais différent.
I have just returned from Britain.
FrenchJe viens de rentrer de Grande-Bretagne.
England resembles Japan in many respects.
Which is larger, Japan or England?
Spanish¿Cuál es más grande, Japón o el Reino Unido?
The climate here is milder than that of England.
I have a friend who lives in England.
SpanishTengo un amigo que vive en Inglaterra.
I'm studying English drama.
She went back to England in the end.

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