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One side of a coin is called 'heads' and the other side is called 'tails'.
FrenchUn côté de la pièce est appelé « face » et l'autre, « pile ».
Heads or tails?
Spanish¿Cara o cruz?
Every cloud has a silver lining.
FrenchÀ toute chose malheur est bon.
There are wheels within wheels.
I will endorse it.
There is a parking lot behind the theater.
He can pull strings for you.
Endorse this check.
There are complicated circumstances behind the matter.
There is a kitchen garden behind my house.
This is the bottom of what inning?
There is a small pond in back of my house.
GermanHinter meinem Haus ist ein kleiner Teich.
There was a large garden behind the house.
PolishZa domem był duży ogród.
There's gum stuck to the back of my shoe.
FrenchUn chewing-gum s'est collé au talon de ma chaussure.
There must be something at the back of this matter.
There must be something at the back of the matter.
Soles of the feet are insensitive to heat and cold.
FrenchLa plante des pieds est insensible à la chaleur et au froid.
GermanDie Fußsohlen sind unempfindlich gegenüber Hitze und Kälte.
Heads I win, tails you win.
I love to fish in the trout stream behind my house.
PolishLubię łowić pstrągi pływające w strumieniu za domem.
With most things there's both what you see and what's behind it.
He was drunk and forgot to shut the back door.
SpanishEstaba borracho y se le olvidó cerrar la puerta de atrás.
I've written his address on the back of the envelope.
PolishNapisałem adres na tylnej stronie koperty.
I could not but suspect that there was something behind it.
There used to be a big cherry tree behind my house.
FrenchDans le temps, il y avait un grand cerisier derrière ma maison.
The thief outwitted the police and got away with his loot.

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