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He suffered a fatal wound.
I got my left arm bruised.
That's your funeral.
PolishTy musisz ponieść za to odpowiedzialność.
He was wounded in the head.
FrenchIl a été blessé à la tête.
SpanishÉl fue herido en la cabeza.
I am to blame for it.
I'll answer for this accident.
I will answer for the result.
An agreement binding on both parties.
He was injured badly in the accident.
SpanishÉl quedó gravemente herido en el accidente.
He assumed full responsibility for it.
His uncle will undertake the responsibility for him.
I'll take the responsibility on my shoulders.
I am to blame for my son's failure.
That absolves me from further responsibility.
I undertook responsibility for him.
FrenchJ'ai assumé la responsabilité à sa place.
I will accept full responsibility for this.
They were badly injured in a car accident.
SpanishResultaron gravemente heridos en un accidente automovilístico.
His injuries are all external.
He was seriously injured in a traffic accident.
FrenchIl fut sérieusement blessé dans un accident de la circulation.
I am left with all the responsibility.
He is handicapped by poor health.
He was seriously injured in the car accident.
SpanishResultó malherido en el accidente de coche.
He blamed the accident on me.
GermanEr hat mir die Schuld an dem Unfall zugeschoben.
He was slightly injured in a traffic accident.
FrenchIl a été légèrement blessé dans un accident de la circulation.
Parents are responsible for their children's education.

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