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That's very romantic!
FrenchTrès romantique !
Spanish¡Muy romántico!
It's really stinky.
It's awfully cold today.
What a genius he is!
Great speed is a feature of the Concorde.
There exist supernatural beings.
FrenchIl existe des êtres surnaturels.
The airplane is capable of supersonic speeds.
FrenchL'avion est capable d'aller à des vitesses supersoniques.
I'd like you to have an ultrasound.
PolishMusimy zrobić USG.
I'm really bad at parallel parking.
GermanIch kann extrem schlecht rückwärts einparken.
The airplane is capable of supersonic speeds.
He believes in the supernatural.
FrenchIl croit au surnaturel.
SpanishÉl cree en lo sobrenatural.
The superexpress Nozomi runs faster than the Hikari.
PolishSuperekspres Nozomi jedzie szybciej niż Hikari.
I have a very sore arm where you hit me.
The transfer student in the other class is a super good looking guy.
High-rises are going up all over the place.
PolishW tej okolicy powstają wieżowce.
Russia had emerged as a second superpower.
Even when she's not wearing makeup, she's very beautiful.
GermanSie ist auch ungeschminkt superniedlich.
The superpowers made significant progress in disarmament.
He made superhuman efforts to maintain world peace.
Astronomers inferred the existence of a local supercluster.
FrenchLes astronomes ont déduit l'existence d'un superamas local.
Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest skyscraper in the world.
The law forbids the building of any skyscraper on this land.
PolishNielegalne jest budowanie w tym miejscu wysokościowców.
OK, this next! The combination of this and this might be way sexy!
By means of a super high-pressure water spray practically all the sediment is removed.
All of a sudden, the thirty-story skyscraper went up in flames.

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