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Acids act on metals.
Iron is a useful metal.
GermanEisen ist ein nützliches Metall.
Acid acts on metals.
FrenchL'acide attaque le métal.
Iron is a useful metal.
Copper and silver are both metals.
FrenchLe cuivre et l'argent sont deux métaux.
SpanishEl cobre y la plata son dos metales.
Iron is a useful metal.
FrenchLe fer est un métal utile.
GermanEisen ist ein nützliches Metall.
Lightning is liable to hit metal.
Acid eats into metal.
FrenchL'acide attaque le métal.
This metal burnishes well.
GermanWenn man dieses Metall poliert, glänzt es.
Metal contracts when cooled.
FrenchLe métal se contracte quand il est refroidi.
PolishMetal kurczy się przy ochładzaniu.
This metal is called zinc.
GermanDieses Metall nennt man Zink.
Iron is the most useful metal.
GermanEisen ist das nützlichste Metall.
PolishŻelazo jest najbardziej użytecznym metalem.
FrenchLe fer est le métal le plus utile.
This metal is free of rust.
GermanDas Metall hat gar keinen Rost.
Nickel is a hard, silver-white metal.
PolishNikiel to twardy, jasnosrebrny metal.
Acid acts on things which contain metal.
PolishKwas działa na przedmioty zawierające metal.
Iron is a metal with many uses.
The acid ate into the metal.
FrenchL'acide corrode le métal.
SpanishEl ácido corroyó el metal.
This metal is comparable to iron in strength.
Is it made of wood or metal?
Acids act on many things including metals.
Gold is more precious than any other metal.
FrenchL'or est le plus précieux de tous les métaux.
GermanGold ist unter den Metallen das kostbarste.
The acid burned the metal.
PolishKwas wytrawił metal.
FrenchL'acide brûle le métal.
Hey, rust is eating away the metal.
FrenchOh! Oh! La rouille a attaqué le métal.
Rust is gradually eating into the metal parts.
Today pilot fatigue seems more likely.

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