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Lock the gate.
FrenchAttachez la grille s'il vous plait.
It is time to shut the gate.
FrenchIl est l'heure de fermer la porte.
SpanishEs hora de cerrar el portón.
The tongue wounds more than a lance.
Enter by the narrow gate.
FrenchEntrez par la petite porte.
This gate needs painting.
The gate is open now.
This gate allows access to the garden.
FrenchCette porte permet d'accéder au jardin.
She crouched down by the gate.
Fortune comes in by a merry gate.
The car passed through a gate.
PolishTen samochód przejechał przez bramę.
The gate is closed at six.
The horse jumped the gate.
I painted the gate blue.
The gate admits to the garden.
FrenchLa porte donne accès au jardin.
He hung the gate on hinges.
FrenchIl accrocha la porte sur des gonds.
The gate is closed at eight.
He was standing at the gate.
He stopped short at the gate.
Someone is standing at the gate.
PolishKtoś stoi przy bramie.
Their teacher got them together at the gate.
The Golden Gate Bridge is made of iron.
I found a dog just inside the gate.
I parked my car by the gate.
FrenchJ'ai garé ma voiture près du portail.
How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?
I took my leave of them at the gate.
PolishPrzy bramie pożegnałem się z nimi.

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