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Abandon ship!
Spanish¡Abandonen la nave!
Jim left Paris yesterday.
SpanishJim dejó París ayer.
Why do I even care?
He will leave Japan in April.
FrenchIl quittera le Japon en avril.
He leaves the parental roof soon.
FrenchIl quittera bientôt le toit familial.
The station is two miles away.
He is bound to her.
SpanishÉl no puede separarse de ella.
It's a pity that you should leave Japan.
PolishSzkoda, że wyjeżdżasz z Japonii.
The station is a little way off.
FrenchLa gare est un peu éloignée.
I am about to leave here.
SpanishEstoy a punto de salir de aquí.
FrenchJe vais bientôt partir d'ici.
Stay away from the fire.
He left Japan for good.
FrenchIl a quitté le Japon pour de bon.
GermanEr verließ Japan für immer.
I'm leaving town for a few days.
SpanishMe voy de la ciudad por un par de días.
A fishing boat putt off just now.
That town is two miles away.
FrenchCette ville est distante de 2 miles.
Has Ken left Japan for good?
FrenchEst-ce que Ken a quitté le Japon pour de bon ?
PolishKen wyjechał z Japonii na dobre?
He stood aloof from her.
We are leaving Japan next month.
He is independent of his parents.
Remain at your post until relieved.
He was away from the swimming pool.
PolishNie było go przy basenie.
That question still sticks me.
She left the table after dinner.
SpanishElla dejó la mesa tras la cena.
PolishPo kolacji wstała od stołu.
Respect is greater from a distance.
He stood apart from us.

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