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いっぱい/ippai/common ippai/いっぱい/common一杯
いっぱい/ippai/common ippai/いっぱい/common一敗


いっぱいきげん/ippaikigen/ ippaikigen/いっぱいきげん/一杯機嫌
いっぱいいっぱい/ippaiippai/ ippaiippai/いっぱいいっぱい/一杯一杯
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / adverbial noun / noun:
    1. one cup after another;  cup by cup
    2. to the limit;  to the fullest extent;  absolutely the limit;  the best one can do;  breaking even
いっぱいのみや/ippainomiya/ ippainomiya/いっぱいのみや/一杯飲み屋 · 一杯飲屋 · 一杯呑屋
  • noun:
    1. cheap drinking spot (pub, tavern, etc.)



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