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/ga/common ga//common


がてら/gatera/ gatera/がてら/がてら
がね/gane/ gane/がね/がね  
  • particle:
    1. (positive sentence end) I dare say;  (negative sentence end) though, honestly
がな/gana/ · がなあ/ganaa/ gana/がな/ · ganaa/がなあ/がな · がなあ
  • particle:
    1. particle used to indicate the speaker's hope, desire, wish, etc. (e.g. "it would be nice if ...", "I wish there were ...", etc.)  —At sentence-end.   もがな
    2. emphatic particle  —Colloquialism.  At sentence-end.
    3. particle adding uncertainty  —Often associated with an interrogative.


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