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Showing entries with nouns only.
ごと/goto/common goto/ごと/common
ごと/goto/ · こと/koto/obsolete goto/ごと/ · koto/こと/obsolete
もころ/mokoro/obsolete mokoro/もころ/obsolete ·
  • adverbial noun:
    1. like;  similar to;  same as;   如し


ごとし/gotoshi/common gotoshi/ごとし/common如し · 若し
ごとべい/gotobei/ gotobei/ごとべい/五斗米
  • noun:
    1. small salary
ごとく/gotoku/ gotoku/ごとく/五徳
  • noun:
    1. the five virtues
    2. tripod;  three or four-legged kettle stand
    3. family crest in the shape of such an object
ごとう/gotou/ gotou/ごとう/語頭
  • noun:
    1. first part of a word
あおぎり/aogiri/ · ごとう/gotou/ · アオギリ/AOGIRI/ aogiri/あおぎり/ · gotou/ごとう/ · AOGIRI/アオギリ/梧桐 · 青桐
  • noun:
    1. Chinese parasol-tree (Firmiana simplex);  Chinese-bottletree;  Japanese varnishtree;  phoenix-tree;  —Usually written using kana alone.
ごとき/gotoki/ gotoki/ごとき/如き
ごとう/gotou/ gotou/ごとう/誤答
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. mistaken answer or response
ごとうか/gotouka/ gotouka/ごとうか/誤投下
  • noun:
    1. accidental bombing
ごとばいん/gotobain/ gotobain/ごとばいん/後鳥羽院
  • noun:
    1. ex-Emperor Gotoba
ごとうちずもう/gotouchizumou/ gotouchizumou/ごとうちずもう/御当地相撲
  • noun:
    1. local wrestler;  crowd favorite (favourite);  —Sumo term.
ごとおび/gotoobi/ gotoobi/ごとおび/五十日
  • noun:
    1. days of the month ending in 5 or 0 (when payments are often due)
ごとうくじら/gotoukujira/ · ゴトウクジラ/GOTOUKUJIRA/ gotoukujira/ごとうくじら/ · GOTOUKUJIRA/ゴトウクジラ/五島鯨
  • noun:
    1. larger whales of family Delphinidae (esp. the pilot whale or blackfish)  —Obscure term.  Sometimes read ごんどうくじら.   巨頭鯨
ごとうしゃく/gotoushaku/ gotoushaku/ごとうしゃく/五等爵
  • noun:
    1. five ranks of nobility (duke, marquis, count, viscount, baron)
ごとせいじデータ/gotoseijiDEETA/ gotoseijiDEETA/ごとせいじデータ/毎正時データ
  • noun:
    1. hourly data  —IT term.
ごとうち/gotouchi/ gotouchi/ごとうち/御当地
  • noun:
    1. where one comes from;  here
ごとべいどう/gotobeidou/ gotobeidou/ごとべいどう/五斗米道
  • noun:
    1. Way of the Five Pecks of Rice (ancient Chinese Daoist movement later known as The Way of the Celestial Masters)   天師道
こうとう/koutou/ · ごとう/gotou/ koutou/こうとう/ · gotou/ごとう/後唐
  • noun:
    1. Later Tang Dynasty (of China)
みあかし/miakashi/ miakashi/みあかし/御明かし · 御灯 · 御灯明
ごとう/gotou/ · みとう/mitou/ gotou/ごとう/ · mitou/みとう/御灯
  • noun:
    1. lighted lamp (or candle, etc.) provided as a religious offering
ごとみそ/gotomiso/ gotomiso/ごとみそ/五斗味噌
  • noun:
    1. miso from the Kamakura era  —Obscure term.



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