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てっぺん/teppen/common · てへん/tehen/obsolete teppen/てっぺん/common · tehen/てへん/obsolete天辺 · 頂辺
てっぺい/teppei/obsolete teppei/てっぺい/obsolete天辺
てっぺん/teppen/ teppen/てっぺん/鉄片


てっぺんかけたか/teppenkaketaka/ teppenkaketaka/てっぺんかけたか/てっぺんかけたか
  • adverb:
    1. calling sound of the lesser cuckoo  —Obscure term.   時鳥
  • noun:
    1. lesser cuckoo (Cuculus poliocephalus)



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