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Showing entries with prefixes only.
/do/ · どう/dou/obsolete do// · dou/どう/obsoleteど · どう
  • prefix:
    1. precisely;  exactly;  plumb;  totally;  very;  —Kansai-ben.
    2. derogatory prefix used before nouns & adjectives


どう/dou/common dou/どう/common
  • noun / noun used as a suffix / noun used as a prefix:
    1. temple;  shrine;  hall
    2. prefix to building meaning "magnificent"
どう/dou/common dou/どう/common
どん/don/ don/どん/どん
どら/dora/ dora/どら/どら
  • noun used as a prefix / noun:
    1. loafing;  indolent;  lazy;  debauched;  profligate
  • interjection:
    1. hey
どす/dosu/ · ドス/DOSU/ dosu/どす/ · DOSU/ドス/どす · ドス


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