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Showing entries with particles only.
/ba/common ba//common  
  • particle:
    1. indicates supposition;  if ... then


ばかり/bakari/common · ばっかり/bakkari/ bakari/ばかり/common · bakkari/ばっかり/許り ·
ばっか/bakka/ bakka/ばっか/
ばかりか/bakarika/common bakarika/ばかりか/common許りか
ばかし/bakashi/ · ばっかし/bakkashi/ bakashi/ばかし/ · bakkashi/ばっかし/許し ·
ばい/bai/ bai/ばい/ばい  
  • particle:
    1. (at sentence end) indicates emphasis  —Kyuushuu-ben.


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