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Showing entries with particles only.
/mo/common mo//common


ものの/monono/common monono/ものの/commonものの
ものか/monoka/ · もんか/monka/ monoka/ものか/ · monka/もんか/ものか · もんか
もので/monode/ · もんで/monde/ monode/もので/ · monde/もんで/もので · もんで
  • particle / conjunction:
    1. conjunctive particle indicating a cause or reason   ので
ものを/monowo/ monowo/ものを/ものを
もがな/mogana/ mogana/もがな/もがな  
  • particle:
    1. particle used to indicate the speaker's hope, desire, wish, etc. (e.g. "it would be nice if ...", "I wish there were ...", etc.)


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