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ていねい/teinei/common teinei/ていねい/common丁寧 · 叮嚀

チョウ/CHŌ/    テイ/TEI/    チン/CHIN/    トウ//    /CHI/    ひのと/hinoto/CHOU/チョウ/    TEI/テイ/    CHIN/チン/    TOU/トウ/    CHI//    hinoto/ひのと/

street;  ward;  town;  counter for guns, tools, leaves or cakes of something;  even number;  4th calendar sign

ネイ/NEI/    むし.ろ/ネイ/むし.ろ/

rather;  preferably;  peaceful;  quiet;  tranquility

ていねいご/teineigo/ teineigo/ていねいご/丁寧語
ていねいこんせつ/teineikonsetsu/ teineikonsetsu/ていねいこんせつ/丁寧懇切
  • noun / adjectival noun → conjugation:
    1. (an explanation, advice, etc. being) kind, careful, and thorough;  thoughtful and scrupulous
ていねいたい/teineitai/ teineitai/ていねいたい/丁寧体
  • noun:
    1. polite style;  polite Japanese;   普通体



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