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げた/geta/common geta/げた/common下駄

/KA/    /GE/    した/shita/    しも/shimo/    もと/moto/    さ.げる/sa.geru/    さ.がる/sa.garu/    くだ.る/    くだ.り/kuda.ri/    くだ.す/    -くだ.す/    くだ.さる/kuda.saru/    お.ろす/o.rosu/    お.りる/o.riru/KA//    GE//    shita/した/    shimo/しも/    moto/もと/    sa.geru/さ.げる/    sa.garu/さ.がる/くだ.る/    kuda.ri/くだ.り/くだ.す/くだ.す/    kuda.saru/くだ.さる/    o.rosu/お.ろす/    o.riru/お.りる/

below;  down;  descend;  give;  low;  inferior

/DA/    /TA/DA//    TA//

burdensome;  pack horse;  horse load;  send by horse

げたをあずける/getawoazukeru/ getawoazukeru/げたをあずける/下駄を預ける
  • expression / ichidan verb → conjugation:
    1. to leave everything to (someone)
げたや/getaya/ getaya/げたや/下駄屋
  • noun:
    1. clog shop
げたがけ/getagake/ getagake/げたがけ/下駄掛け
  • noun:
    1. wearing wooden clogs
げたなおし/getanaoshi/ getanaoshi/げたなおし/下駄直し
  • noun:
    1. repairing clogs;  clog repairer
げたばこ/getabako/ getabako/げたばこ/下駄箱 · げた箱
  • noun:
    1. shoe rack (in genkan);  cupboard (for shoes and clogs)
げたばん/getaban/ getaban/げたばん/下駄番
  • noun:
    1. toe guards on clogs;  footwear doorman
げたばき/getabaki/ getabaki/げたばき/下駄履き
  • noun:
    1. wearing wooden clogs
    2. floatplane  —Colloquialism.
げたばきじゅうたく/getabakijuutaku/ getabakijuutaku/げたばきじゅうたく/下駄履き住宅
  • noun:
    1. a residential building, the first floor of which is occupied by businesses
げたスケート/getaSUKEETO/ getaSUKEETO/げたスケート/下駄スケート
  • noun:
    1. geta with skating blades;  skates made from geta
げたとやきみそ/getatoyakimiso/ getatoyakimiso/げたとやきみそ/下駄と焼き味噌
  • expression:
    1. things that look similar but are completely different;  geta and grilled miso



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