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Showing entries with nouns only.
じじょう/jijou/common jijou/じじょう/common事情

/JI/    /ZU/    こと/koto/    つか.う/tsuka.u/    つか.える/tsuka.eru/JI//    ZU//    koto/こと/    tsuka.u/つか.う/    tsuka.eru/つか.える/

matter;  thing;  fact;  business;  reason;  possibly

ジョウ//    セイ/SEI/    なさ.け/ジョウ/    SEI/セイ/なさ.け/

feelings;  emotion;  passion;  sympathy;  circumstances;  facts

じじょうちょうしゅ/jijouchoushu/ jijouchoushu/じじょうちょうしゅ/事情聴取
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. police interview;  police questioning a witness (suspect) to obtain information (about a crime)
じじょうつう/jijoutsuu/ jijoutsuu/じじょうつう/事情通
  • noun:
    1. having good knowledge of a certain matter;  a person who has good knowledge of a certain matter;  informed source;   
じじょうへんこうのげんそく/jijouhenkounogensoku/ jijouhenkounogensoku/じじょうへんこうのげんそく/事情変更の原則
  • noun:
    1. clausula rebus sic stantibus (legal principle that agreements become non-binding if there is a major, unforeseeable change of circumstances)



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