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Showing entries with nouns only.
じんぶん/jinbun/common · じんもん/jinmon/ jinbun/じんぶん/common · jinmon/じんもん/人文
  • noun:
    1. humanity;  civilization;  civilisation;  culture

ジン/JIN/    ニン/NIN/    ひと/hito/    -り/-ri/    -と/-to/JIN/ジン/    NIN/ニン/    hito/ひと/    -ri/-り/    -to/-と/


ブン/BUN/    モン/MON/    ふみ/fumi/    あや/aya/BUN/ブン/    MON/モン/    fumi/ふみ/    aya/あや/

sentence;  literature;  style;  art;  decoration;  figures;  plan;  literary radical (no. 67)

じんぶんかがく/jinbunkagaku/common jinbunkagaku/じんぶんかがく/common人文科学
ひともじ/hitomoji/common hitomoji/ひともじ/common人文字
  • noun:
    1. arranging a group of people so as to form a character or spell out a message
じんぶんがくは/jinbungakuha/ jinbungakuha/じんぶんがくは/人文学派
  • noun:
    1. humanists
じんぶんし/jinbunshi/ jinbunshi/じんぶんし/人文史
  • noun:
    1. history of civilization;  history of civilisation
じんぶんしゅぎ/jinbunshugi/ jinbunshugi/じんぶんしゅぎ/人文主義
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. humanism
じんぶんちり/jinbunchiri/ · じんもんちり/jinmonchiri/ jinbunchiri/じんぶんちり/ · jinmonchiri/じんもんちり/人文地理
  • noun:
    1. descriptive geography
にんぶんちしょく/ninbunchishoku/ ninbunchishoku/にんぶんちしょく/人文知識 · 人文知職irregular
  • noun:
    1. specialist in humanities (Japanese visa category)
じんぶんがくぶ/jinbungakubu/ jinbungakubu/じんぶんがくぶ/人文学部
  • noun:
    1. faculty of humanities



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