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Showing entries with nouns only.
かいご/kaigo/common kaigo/かいご/common介護


jammed in;  shellfish;  mediate;  concern oneself with

/GO/    まも.る/まも.る/

safeguard;  protect

かいごほけん/kaigohoken/common kaigohoken/かいごほけん/common介護保険
かいごにん/kaigonin/ kaigonin/かいごにん/介護人
  • noun:
    1. person who looks after a patient
かいごほけんせいど/kaigohokenseido/ kaigohokenseido/かいごほけんせいど/介護保険制度
  • noun:
    1. nursing-care insurance system
かいごし/kaigoshi/ kaigoshi/かいごし/介護士
  • noun:
    1. carer;  nurse
かいごにんてい/kaigonintei/ kaigonintei/かいごにんてい/介護認定
かいごしゃ/kaigosha/ kaigosha/かいごしゃ/介護者
  • noun:
    1. caregiver;  carer
かいごふくしし/kaigofukushishi/ kaigofukushishi/かいごふくしし/介護福祉士
  • noun:
    1. (certified) care worker
かいごしせつ/kaigoshisetsu/ kaigoshisetsu/かいごしせつ/介護施設
  • noun:
    1. nursing home;  rest home
かいごよぼう/kaigoyobou/ kaigoyobou/かいごよぼう/介護予防
かいごサービス/kaigoSAABISU/ kaigoSAABISU/かいごサービス/介護サービス
  • noun:
    1. nursing-care service
かいごほけんほう/kaigohokenhou/ kaigohokenhou/かいごほけんほう/介護保険法
  • noun:
    1. Public Nursing Care Insurance Law (1997)



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