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しまう/shimau/common shimau/しまう/common仕舞う · 終う · 了う · 蔵う

/SHI/    /JI/    つか.える/tsuka.eru/SHI//    JI//    tsuka.eru/つか.える/

attend;  doing;  official;  serve

/BU/    ま.う/ma.u/    -ま.う/-ma.u/    まい/mai/BU//    ma.u/ま.う/    -ma.u/-ま.う/    mai/まい/

dance;  flit;  circle;  wheel

しもうた/shimouta/ shimouta/しもうた/仕舞うた
  • expression:
    1. damn it!;  damn!;  oops!;  oh dear!;  oh no!;  —Usually written using kana alone.  Kansai-ben.   しまった
しもうたや/shimoutaya/ shimoutaya/しもうたや/仕舞うた屋 · 仕舞屋irregular
  • noun:
    1. store that has been gone out of business;  household that lives without carrying on a business



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